Pixel art of a bunny resting on its stomach.

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I'm Lilly, illustrator & editor
This is my personal website.

Here's me with a horse:
A photo of a woman smiling at the camera and reaching out behind her to pet a horse.
Last update: 20th May '24
A tiny, oscillating heart.

q & a

you: Why Neocities girl?

me: When I was a kid I loved doing website stuff or myspace coding. The vast, weird web was this cool, mysterious thing that could show you almost anything, and I miss a lot of that good old stuff and all the iterations of web junk across the decades. I have become super addicted to adjusting my code here, and making fun different little things to display, like pixel art, or just a nice specialised css for a shrine. It's perfect.

you: oh okay. cool.

you: So like, what's here?

me: Oh yeah, ok, so I got a tiny pixel art webcomic, a page dedicated to my favourite video game, and an info page shaped like myspace. A list of other stuff is here.

you: Mm. Great! Add a Crash Bandicoot fanfic page please. That's really what I came here for.

A pixel art animation of a smiling bunny bobbing up and down.
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